AAPPA goals are to safeguard the quality of products, enhance the training and educational resources available to members, and ensure the ongoing safety of food and beverage processing workers. AAPPA is initiating strategies focused on best practices for worker protection, spill clean-up, and other safety areas, including compilation of practical advice for the safe use of peracetic acid from published sources as well as practical experience from AAPPA member companies. AAPPA is in the process of developing a recommended practice document for safe use of peracetic acid in bottling and aseptic packaging.

As part of its collection of relevant information, stakeholders are invited to provide information via the AAPPA survey

Peracetic Acid: A Safe and Effective Solution for Food and Beverage Sanitation

Food sanitation requires a delicate balance of eliminating potential harmful pathogens, such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), salmonella, and mold, while preserving the nutrition and flavor of the food product. Peracetic acid provides an effective method of achieving this balance. Click to learn more about peracetic acid use in the food and beverage industry.